Client Successes


Case Study | Research to Identify “Correct” Brand Position, California Parks and Recreation Society

California Parks & Recreation Society (CPRS) was seeking to develop optimal and authentic brand and positioning as a resource to support CPRS’ public park and recreational provider members. Research among CPRS internal stakeholders had suggested one such brand positioning. CPRS’ market consultant had concerns as to this position’s accuracy and suggested testing it externally among […]


Case Study | Impacts Research Led to New Community Resource, Sunset Strip Business Association

In 2009 LSC conducted research among Sunset Strip nightlife patrons for the Sunset Strip Business Association (SSBA) to measure nightlife impacts of this iconic area to the local economy, and to profile nightlife patrons. Among the many key findings was that the Sunset Strip attracted a low share of local West Hollywood residents at night. […]


Case Study | Visitor Center Impact Research Leverages Funds

Visit Oceanside, the entity operating the Oceanside California Welcome Center™ needs to document the return on investment to its funders. Visit Oceanside hired LSC to conduct a conversion/economic impact study to determine how much its marketing efforts and visitor center influenced visitors, particularly overnight hotel guests, to come to Oceanside and how much they spent […]


Case Study | Research to Help Secure Higher Tourism Business Improvement District Funding

The Folsom Tourism Bureau has been funded over the past 10 years by a tourism business improvement district (TBID) hotel room sales assessment that was up for renewal. The Bureau wanted to raise the assessment rate thereby increasing TBID revenues. However, the City preferred to raise the transient occupancy (hotel bed) tax (TOT) rate to […]


Case Study | Research to Attract Needed & Approp. Business, Downtown Center Business Improvement District

Just a few years ago, Downtown L.A. was a place with an aging infrastructure and a 9 – 5 economy. Residents had few retail options for even such basics as a supermarket, which had no downtown presence for over 50 years. In 2006 the DCBID, working to attract needed businesses to the downtown core, contracted […]


Case Study | Research for Building Premier Destination Brand, Santa Monica

LSC has conducted visitor profile/economic impact studies and related research for the Santa Monica Convention & Visitors Bureau since 1983. This on-going research program has provided the intelligence for SMCVB to create a world-renown visitor destination The wealth of data we have collected over the years has allowed the SMCVB to: Have an extensive profile […]


Case Study | Research for New Design for Growth, Brookfield and FIGat7th

Brookfield is an international real estate firm with major assets in downtown L.A., notably the FIGat7th retail center. The center, attractive to residents, employees and visitors, grew obsolete after 25 years of operation, losing sales and quality tenants. To help guide Brookfield’s decisions for the center, LSC conducted on-site intercept interviews and focus groups among […]