Our Approach

Research Underlies Sound Decision Making

Our guide and belief is that sound decision-making is based on credible, reliable, replicable and applicable research methodology.  We obtain data through well-designed and executed research, and provide information and insight through thoughtful and detailed analyses. Research is most useful to:

  • identify new opportunities to build volume/sales
  • understand competitive dynamics for market direction
  • strengthen market and brand position for communications and programs
  • prioritize resource allocation for efficiency
  • improve internal operations for effectiveness


Our approach is to work collaboratively with our clients to assess needs, conduct assessment studies, review findings with client and develop actionable and specific implementation strategies.

Various Approaches & Tools

Projects are designed and conducted considering various possible research approaches, to ensure the best ways to address clients’ specific issues and/or identify specific opportunities.

Tools utilized include:

  • quantitative market research methods including, Internet surveys, on-site intercepts, telephone interviewing  and mail surveys
  • qualitative methods including focus groups, one-on-one in-depth interviewing, observations

Understandable and Usable Results

We produce research analyses that are understandable and usable. Documentation clearly explains the research purpose and process, and includes supporting data clearly presenting the results. Ultimately, our product is designed to help clients effectively identify next steps, new opportunities and make decisions to satisfy stated needs and objectives.