Tourism Driven Rural Economic Development “Lab”

Whether a destination’s visitor market is developed, emerging or potential, we provide guidance to develop, expand and further leverage tourism to help strengthen the local economy and the vitality of the visitor serving sector.  We work with designated community stakeholders to assess the destination’s current position (assets, needs, SWOT), where it should go (goals, position), and how to get there (strategies, timing, assessment).

Our hands-on program starts with a collaborative process engaging stakeholders and community members to identify specific needs desires and opportunities, focusing on destination strengths and uniqueness, including specific sectors such as cultural arts, retail, outdoors, gaming, sports, special events, expanding seasons, and other niches.  From there we work with stakeholders to develop a strategic and tactical road map to reach goals.  We also help identify funding resources to support programs ranging to technical assistance to marketing.  The process is informative, interactive and skill-building, allowing destination stakeholders to sustain progress independently.