Creating Compelling Brand Strategy + Brand Development for Travel, Tourism and Retail Organizations in California

Lauren Schlau Consulting (LSC) is passionate about creating emotionally compelling brand strategy and brand development for tourism and retail organizations in California and the west region of USA. We are a Los Angeles based boutique market research and consulting firm. LSC is known for its expertise and experience in serving select clientele engaged in tourism, travel, retail, cultural arts, downtown districts and sectors supporting economic development.

For the consumer, a brand encompasses the essence and promise of what they expect brand experience to be and to deliver. Once developed, the brand provides economic leverage and strategic advantage in generating awareness, motivation for purchase and satisfaction, and leading to loyalty and repeat purchase.

The brand can and should be managed, beginning with awareness of consumer brand perceptions, expectations and experiences.

LSC employs qualitative and/or quantitative research to identify customer and non-customer key perceptions and motivations as the basis to develop brand position, promise and messaging to reinforce, reposition and/or strengthen the brand, resulting in a better managed and leveraged brand. Contact LSC today for quality brand strategy and brand development for the growth of your business!