Discover Your Company’s Target Market + Target Audience with LSC

Lauren Schlau Consulting (LSC) is one of the best tourism research and marketing companies for travel and retail businesses residing in California and the west region of USA. With LSC, we conduct a detailed market research for our clients to provide them with their target market and target audience! We provide clients with Retail Customer/ Visitor Profile by using our effective research tactics to discover visitor demographic and behavior profiles, in order to further grow and advance your organization. LSC works with leading local, regional and state destination entities, attractions, retail owners and managers, cultural venues, improvement districts and anyone who needs to understand their target market through accurate comprehensive user profiles.

LSC is a Los Angeles based boutique market research and consulting firm known for our expertise and experience. We serve select clientele engaged in tourism, retail, cultural arts, downtown districts and sectors supporting economic development. We have had the pleasure of working with successful and prestigious tourism brands and destination marketing organizations. Check out LSC’s client success stories! For further questions and concerns, please contact Lauren Schlau Consulting.